Peak Performance

Hypnosis for Peak Performance

What do I need when I have to perform? What mental state of mind is ideal?

Think of hypnosis as a state that allows minds to change. Previously inflexible behaviors soften as we retrain your mind to for more useful patterns of thinking. Everyone is capable of change. In my clinic, we are well-versed in suggesting new ways to react to the world that will create better outcomes. Simply stated, we program a better response so it happens automatically when you need it. Most of us have what we need to perform at top levels already. We know how to talk and relax and connect with friends. We also know how to influence others and move the group or relationship forward. We know how to access your basic skills of whatever endeavor we are involved in. Hypnosis simply helps you apply these skills when you need them, helping you produce results in a reliable way.



What to Expect from Our Peak Performance Program

How Hypnosis Assists in Business and Personal Soft Skills Performance

  • How Hypnosis Assists in Business and Personal Soft Skills Performance
  • You will have a powerful sense of your goals and a framework for how to get there
  • You will be confident you have what you need even if your plan is not fully formed and will be convinced you can achieve reliable results.
  • A sense of how to communicate so that you are heard
  • Communication skills that lead to achievement
  • An ability to create rapport in a team and a rapport between you and a co-worker
  • What to Expect from Hypnosis for Athletic Performance

    • A trust of self
    • Access to present-time thinking
    • A reduction of harmful quirks, habits, or self-doubt that lead to performance issues
    • Being able to play to the limit of your talent
    • A state of full motivation
    • The ability to enter the zone consistently and on purpose
    • The ability to immediately forget a bad play and dig right back into the zone
    • A feedback loop that unconsciously monitors performance so that you quickly discard what doesn’t work and quickly keep and enhance what does work

What to Expect from Hypnosis for Other Areas of Performance

  • Custom states that support you in achieving your best outcome
  • Confidence in the knowledge that you can master any situation
  • We can create states to uplift any goal or endeavor. When you come in, we go over your unique situation and build a plan that will allow you to achieve the state of mind needed for achievement. This will allow you to respond automatically when needed, raising you to the top of your game.


*results may vary between clients




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