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At Nebraska Counseling & Hypnosis Center, we're proud to provide trusted hypnosis care to help you quit smoking. Our practice receives countless referrals from local doctors looking for an alternative way to address smoking cessation. We have a great reputation because we deliver at a very high success rate without undesirable effects like weight gain, misery, and anxiety. When you have smoking cravings and think about cigarettes incessantly, they're just motor programs that the brain executes when it's left without discipline or training. Our practice trains new responses, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs around smoking using a handful of tools, including hypnosis. If you're ready to take the first step toward quitting smoking, contact us today to schedule your free consultation and get the Omaha smoking hypnosis you deserve!

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How Can Hypnosis Help Me Quit Smoking?

Hypnosis gets the part of your brain that filters information out to stop filtering. When you go into hypnosis it creates the phenomena of hyper suggestibility. Verbal suggestions are given and if the part of you that keeps you smoking cigarettes understands that it is no longer safe or useful, it can immediately release the habit. Approximately over 50 per cent of my clients leave and never smoke again. Everyone can go into hypnosis. Hypnosis is the state of not awake but not asleep. You already know how not to smoke. Most of the day, you don't even think about smoking, even with a pack-a-day habit. Quitting smoking doesn't really require you to do anything, and it requires you not to do a few things. Your brain must go through certain steps to create a craving for a cigarette. It is actually very easy to interrupt that process and to have your brain access all your mental and emotional skills to pass on a cigarette, vape, or dip easily. Fortunately, the brain likes to pattern new behaviors. We take advantage of that process and pattern in things that lend themselves to freedom from tobacco.

What to Expect

Many find the first hypnosis session sufficient to stay off cigarettes, vaping, or chewing tobacco for good. For those that don't, backup sessions are provided at no additional charge. You get all the sessions you need and free follow-ups for life. We address worries about weight gain, cravings, and replacing smoking with other bad habits. Our practice addresses all those problems before they even get started.

In most instances, we can get right to the root of what causes you to smoke. When we deal with those causes, the uncomfortable feelings you have that you call "cravings" no longer occur. When you don't crave smoking, and you have made the decision to quit, there is nothing stopping you from quitting for the rest of your life. When there is no longer anything to fight, willpower isn't needed. We use a multi-faceted approach to our Omaha stop smoking hypnosis that includes the following:

  • Addressing all aspects of your being and identifying values, beliefs, behaviors, and your environment
  • Disconnecting good feelings from the act of smoking and eliminating bad feelings that you could be using smoking to escape from (such as anxiety)
  • Making sure that every part of you is ready to quit. Don't worry about being ready, and if you're not, we will get you there
  • Using hypnosis to implant thoughts and feelings of being smoke-free
  • Wrapping up the session with auricular microcurrent acupuncture to further eliminate cravings and soothe what is left of withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture has shown to be a great way to quit on its own. When used with hypnosis, you have the combined power of the two

Quit Smoking Hypnosis FAQs

Quitting smoking and doing something new is much easier than you think. If you have the wrong understanding and the wrong tools for a job, it will seem very difficult. We have the right tools and information that make quitting a breeze. Some frequently asked questions about our Omaha quit smoking hypnosis services include the following:

Can you only assist me with smoking?

We believe that we have the best way to quit smoking with hypnosis that Omaha has to offer. What the smoker wants is to stop cravings and the looping, incessant thoughts to stop. One of the primary uses of hypnosis is to control thoughts and reactions. Basically, we intend to be able to think of cigarettes or be in a triggering situation and to respond in a very different way than craving and giving in to smoking. Of course, what we are addressing here certainly applies to quitting vaping or chewing.

It has survived as one of the best ways to quit smoking vs. many other approaches. As many folks know, nicotine replacement just doesn't seem to work all that well, but hypnosis to stop smoking has survived the test of time.

We offer unlimited sessions for one price and free follow-ups for life. Most of the time, folks are successful in one session, but for those who are not, follow-up sessions are at no additional charge. However, should you falter down the road, even years later, relapse sessions are free. Additionally, follow-up appointments must be initiated seven days after your first cigarette.

Stop smoking sessions are an hour and thirty minutes. Preceding the session is a free consultation where you get to be informed and ask all your questions before committing to spending any money.

I am a hypnotist who used hypnosis to quit smoking many years ago. Hypnosis reduced cravings and withdrawal symptoms for me by about 80 percent. I have not and never will smoke again. I know what it is like to try to quit on your own and what it's like to be set free. It has been my life's mission to solve the cigarette addiction problem, and because of that, I have created the premier solution for you. I am the most extensively trained hypnotist in the area, and I have seen thousands of smokers with a very high quitting success rate.

Omaha Smoking Hypnosis for You

Are you a tobacco addict, or are you looking for a smoking cessation solution for a loved one? Both situations can be very frustrating, especially when you've tried other solutions in the past and nothing has worked. There are many reasons to quit smoking, with health usually occupying the number one spot. Knowing the serious medical risks associated with smoking should give people the emotional strength they need to quit. However, this isn't usually the case, even when you know that there is not one part of your body that isn't negatively affected by smoking.

We believe we have found the answer to that question and a solution. We can make quitting smoking a less painful and more possible goal that you can achieve. When you quit smoking with us, we have your back. Any backup sessions that are needed are covered in the initial cost. If you need support in any way after you leave, we are happy to lend a helping hand. We will look forward to meeting you and working together to make you a non-smoker for life! Call our Omaha smoking hypnosis practice today to schedule your free consultation!

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