Lose Weight

Hypnosis can create the thoughts attitudes and feelings that you would want to have if you could change your feelings at will. We can alter the way that you see sugar so that you don’t crave it. We can detach the pleasurable feelings from eating carbs. We can turn up your burning desire to improve your health, to balance your blood sugar or if you are just in it for looking good we are behind you all the way in that aspect also. You will no longer be kicked around by your impulses. Cake, ice cream and junk food will no longer be appealing to you. The whole point with hypnosis is to turn off emotional eating, to create comfort where you used to feel restless and needed to soothe. We will rewrite the software that is responsible for your bad habits and write in code that gets you the result that you are looking for. If you want to feel good, feel in control, feel your clothes fitting well and hear a host of compliments from your friends, contact us and we will answer any questions or get you scheduled in. Thanks for checking us out!


Hypnosis for Weight Loss

 With our Hypnosis Weight Loss program, we don’t prescribe you a diet, we help you comply with any diet you choose. We assist you in maintaining good eating principles and help you with self-control. We do this by helping you develop an attitude and mindset that moves you in the right direction and make the right decisions. We will help you develop a new design for eating and align your identity, values, beliefs, and behaviors to put your weight loss on autopilot.

The part of you that craved bad foods and insisted on bad habits will be trained to be healthier. Massive shifts in wants, desires, and physical habits will occur. You will not feel like you are missing out on anything as you will no longer crave bad foods.

Making health your primary value brings the rest of your actions into alignment. When we make your health top priority, you will act in accordance with that and make the right decisions.

The Weight Loss Method


The method of using hypnosis for weight loss begins with testing. We test you for thoughts that conflict with being thin or healthy. We also test your anxiety level and show you how to think and feel free of anxiety. We will train you into whole-brain thinking when it comes to your self-care and make sure that you have self-love and feel deserving of being healthy at a deep level. Hypnosis will help you be in emotional balance and that will lead to physical balance. We use a combination of whole-brain techniques, micro- current acupuncture, and meridian therapy, and hypnosis to wrap it all together in a permanent way.

What to Expect


What you can expect from our weight loss program:

  • An increase in metabolism so that you burn fat night and day
  • Ease in choosing the right foods

  • A change in desires consistent with good nutrition

  • An overall great mindset for caring for yourself

  • A plan that allows you to always act and move in a healthy direction

  • You will no longer need willpower because temptation no longer exists. All parts of you will truly be in line with your goals and desired outcomes