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To begin the best decision you have ever made

If you have smoked for a long time, you know how difficult it is to quit for an extended period of time. Its so difficult at times that some of my clients have came in with some pretty superstitious ideas about quitting. I've had people do everything from writing on the side of a snuffed out cigarette to forcing themselves to eat a half burnt cig. Here is the good news; you can quit without doing any thing crazy at all. As a matter of fact you have everything everything it takes to quit. Most folks only spend an hour a day actually smoking. that means 23/24th of the time you already don't smoke. That leaves a few moments of Time left to deal with. With some tools tools for the mind we can train in the thinking that you need, and cue it in at the point where you need to be able to say no. I have helped over 5000 people quit smoking and I have a formula that produces consistent results. It is totally possible even probable that you can walk out of the clinic the first time and feel like you never smoked. Because of that we are the clinic that Doctors in Omaha refer to for smoking cessation. We are trusted to care for their patients. We have a great reputation because we deliver at a very high success rate, without weight gain, without misery and anxiety. Those items are addressed thoroughly. Having cravings and thinking about cigarettes incessantly are just motor programs that the brain executes when it is left to do whatever it wants without being disciplined. Training in new responses, feelings, thoughts and beliefs around smoking is done quickly and powerfully through the use of a handful of tools. The brain loves to pattern new things in. Often times doing it quickly lends to its success.

The fact that you may have smoked for a very long time or a lot has very little to do with how easy it is to quit smoking with hypnosis. It doesn't have much to do with dealing with what bothers you and triggers you as much as it has to do with identifying how you would like to feel instead. The brain does not orient well by talking about what you don't want or what doesn't work or how miserable it is to quit. It works much better when we show it where to go rather than what to get away from.

You already know how not to smoke. Most of the day you don't even think about smoking, even with a pack a day habit. Quitting smoking doesn't really require you to do anything, it requires you to not do a few things. Your brain actually has to go through certain steps to create a craving for a cigarette. It is actually very easy to interrupt that process and to have your brain access all of your mental skills and emotional skills to easily pass on a cigarette, vape or dip. Fortunately the brain likes to pattern in new behaviors. We take advantage of that process and pattern in things that lend themselves to freedom from smokes.

Quitting smoking and doing something new is much easier than you think, you have just been going about it the wrong way. If you have the wrong understandings and the wrong tools for a job it will seem very difficult. We have the right tools and information that make quitting a breeze.


1. Addresses all aspects of your being and identifies values, beliefs, behaviors, and your environment.

2. Disconnects good feelings from the act of smoking and eliminates bad feelings that you could be using smoking to escape from (such as anxiety.)

3. Makes sure that every part of you is ready to quit. Don’t worry about being ready. If you are not ready, we will get you there.

4. Uses hypnosis to implant thoughts and feelings of being smoke-free.

5. Wraps up the session with auricular micro current acupuncture to further eliminate cravings and soothe what is left of withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture has shown to be a great way to quit own its own, when used with hypnosis you have the combined power of the two together.


Many find the first hypnosis session sufficient to stay off the cigarettes, vaping or chewing tobacco for good. For those that don’t, backup sessions are provided at no additional charge. You get all the sessions you need and free follow ups for life. We address worries about weight gain, cravings and replacing with other bad habits. We head off all of those problems before they even get started. We are with you until you have quit comfortably.

We believe that we have the best way to quit smoking with hypnosis that Omaha has to offer. What the smoker wants is to stop cravings and the looping, incessant thoughts to stop. One of the primary uses of hypnosis is to control thoughts and reactions. Basically we intend to be able to think of cigarettes or be in a triggering situation and to respond in a very different way than craving and giving in and smoking. Of course, what we are addressing here certainly applies to quitting vaping or chewing.


This is a question people often ask. It has survived as one the best ways to quit smoking vs. many other approaches. As many folks know, nicotine replacement just doesn’t seem to work all that well, but hypnosis to stop smoking has survived the test of time.

We offer unlimited sessions for one price and free follow ups for life. Most of the time folks are successful in one session but for those who are not, follow up sessions are at no additional charge, Should you falter down the road, even years later, relapse sessions are free.

Stop smoking sessions are one hour thirty. Preceding the session is free consultation where you get to be informed and ask all your questions before committing to spending any money.

**follow ups must be initiated 7 days after the first cigarette**



All you need is a good solid decision to quit smoking. You need not worry about this working for you as we tap into your body and brain’s ability to learn new behavior. Everyone is a good candidate for our program. You can quit and remain tobacco-free.


I am a hypnotist who used hypnosis to quit smoking many years ago. Hypnosis reduced cravings and withdrawal symptoms for me by about 80 percent. I have not and never will smoke again. I know what it is like to try to quit on your own, and what it’s like to be set free. It has been my life’s mission to solve the cigarette addiction problem and because of that, I have created the premier solution for you. I am the most extensively trained hypnotist in the area and I have seen thousands of smokers with a very high quitting success rate.


This is a team effort between you and I. We cooperate to retrain your brain to think and act as a non-smoker. Our collaborative effort produces the outcome of you walking out of my office and never needing a cigarette, vape, or chewing tobacco ever again.

When you quit smoking with us, we have your back. Any back-up sessions that are needed are covered in the initial cost. If you need support in any way after you leave, we are happy to lend a helping hand. We will look forward to meeting you and working together to make you a non-smoker for life!


There are many reasons to quit smoking with health usually occupying the number one spot. Knowing the serious medical risks associated with smoking should give people the emotional strength they need to quit. However, this isn’t usually the case. Even when you know that there is not one part of your body that isn’t negatively affected by smoking, it can still be extremely difficult to kick the habit. Why? We believe we have found the answer to that question and a solution. We can actually make quitting smoking a less painful and more possible goal that you can achieve.


In most instances, we can get right to the root of what causes you to smoke. When we deal with those causes, the uncomfortable feelings you have that you call ‘cravings’ no longer occur. When you don’t crave smoking and you have made the decision to quit, there is nothing stopping you from quitting for the rest of your life. When there is no longer anything to fight, willpower isn’t needed.

When we get all of this communicated to the right parts of your brain, problems are removed and only the solution is left. Throughout the process, we train your brain that health is the most important thing to you. We also address eating habits to keep you from gaining weight as a result of quitting. You will see that being a non-smoker is familiar to you and have a sense of peace when it comes to quitting. There are no known side effects from quitting smoking. The success rates are far higher than prescription medications, nicotine gums, nicotine patches or cold turkey. We handle the mental aspect of the smoking problem so where the pills and gums run out, your new way of thinking keeps on working in a way that keeps you free.



Studies Show the Effectiveness of Hypnosis

Please take a look at some articles detailing the effectiveness of hypnosis.

Single-Session Hypnosis Subjects Smoked Significantly Less.

A study involving 60 subjects assigned 20 to single-session hypnosis group, 20 to placebo control, and 20 to a control group receiving no intervention. In follow-ups at 4, 12, 24 and 48 weeks the hypnosis group smoked significantly less and were significantly more abstinent.
Williams, J. M., & Hall, D. W. (1988). Use of single session hypnosis for smoking cessation. Addictive Behaviors, 13(2), 205-208.


Hypnosis Most Effective, Says Largest Study Ever: 3 Times as Effective as Patch and 15 Times as Effective as Willpower.

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. A meta-analysis, statistically combining results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe to compare various methods of quitting. On average, hypnosis was over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone.
Viswesvaran, C., & Schmidt, F. L. (1992). A meta-analytic comparison of the effectiveness of smoking cessation methods. Journal of Applied Psychology, 77(4), 554-561. 

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