Anxiety, Stress & Habit Control


Hypnosis for Anxiety, Stress & Habit Control

Anxiety can be overwhelming, but just because its intense doesn't mean it is permanent or hard to release.
Being filled with anxiety lends itself to compounding other unwanted issues in your life. Anxiety holds you back from our full productivity and generally just steals your happiness and impacts your well-being. As a precursor to any work done here in our clinic, anxiety is dealt with and good solutions are provided. Once anxiety is out of the way, we can more fully step into any change we want to produce together.

I think that it is easy to see that anxiety can power a smoking, overeating habit, or nail-biting habit. If you have enough, it can even bring on depression. Learning new ways to respond to the past, the future, and our environment so that we feel stress-free is the archway to great change for the better in your life. After dealing with anxiety, we can now move forward together with freedom and certainty and finally allow you to be at the helm of your own ship.

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The Process

To deal with anxiety with hypnosis, or any other behavioral change, we start with a short history and get a few details to evaluate your situation. A lot of times anxiety is a residual of an upsetting event. In that case a little light hypnosis will enable us to recode that event in a matter of a few minutes. That method is easy, its fast and it turns off the churning in your chest and guts like a light switch. The second way you can produce anxiety is to look into the future and imagine or have the sense that something bad will happen, a.k.a. the other shoe dropping. We can very quickly stop the mind from running that thought. That produces very instant relief.

In addition we have some cognitive and whole brain technique that is fast, easy and produces really great results.

Live a life free of worry and stress when you harness the power of hypnosis to relieve your anxiety.


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